• Bye bye Paris !

    why I left ParisIt’s true, I’m often being asked why I left this wonderful city… And don’t misundertand me, it IS a wonderful city : it’s buoyant and it boils with culture, music, theaters, hot spots for amazing night lives or a romantic night on the rooftops… It was really great.

    Nevertheless, I must confess it : I’m a country girl, a real one, grain-fed and all. I missed the trees, catching crayfishes in the rivers and walking my dogs at sunset in the cornfields (let’s be clear, I don’t live in Dakota or Texas, I live in franche-Comté, in eastern France : which is the countryside for a Parisian, as much as Dakota is for a Newyorker, or the Isle of Man for a Londoner).

    Anyway, I didn’t mean to scare you if you are future tourists or residents of this wonderful city, you will love it. But if you come visit, and wanna make the most of it, make sure you have a nice parisian person around you so that you discover the real stuff, and not only the touristic usuals.

    Ok, I gotta run, and pardon my French, as we say… English is only my second language :)

    See y’all !

    Tritely yours,

    Sophie Lambda


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