• Spending June 2016 in NYC

    Hello y’all !

    It’s been a while since I came here, some dusting would be appreciated *awkwardly coughing*

    I am happy to tell you all about what’s awaiting for me in June, let’s see :

    For a year I have been a bit slow regarding drawing, I got tired of my own style and I wanted to try out more things. I didn’t know which direction I should take and my community did not always follow my changes of plan. I got me scared. So, as I questioned myself and procrastinated a lo, I kind of left the blog behind. I felt lost creatively speaking and I felt I needed a new push.

    Something new to bounce back

    In January, I made researches online and I discovered the The School of Visual Arts in NYC. It turns out that they have summer residencies in many fields, and one of them is illustration. So I applied with a portfolio, a résumé and a motivation letter. There are only 18 spots available for this training, and it costs quite an amount of money.

    I applied in January and I got it. So I am leaving for 5 weeks of training, and I am leaving in 3 days.

    illustratrice New York

    What am I going to do ?

    For 5 weeks, I will study with 17 other students. Teachers are great people that are successful in their field, and we will have some serious work to do for our assignments. I am 30 but I finished my studies 2 years ago, so I am not so scared about going back to school.

    For a month, which I think is going to be quite intense, we will have a large studio available for us, available even during the night, so that we can work on our creations and assignments to create a book. At the end of the training, school will open its doors and we will have an exhibit held for our creation in Manhattan (but I prefer not to think about it because if I do I would cancel it all and hide under my blanket rocking my sullen body from side to side). It’s going to be a real challenge which I hope, will teach me new things.

    What about you ?

    You can follow me on Instagram (my Facebook page and twitter are mainly written in French). I’ll try to post pictures of the school, people, the studio, and my art of course.

    Ok, so I have some suitcasing to do and some finding-a-treesitter-for-my-plants to do.

    See y’all soon,

    Sophie Lambda.

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